Urban Creation supports new contactless donation scheme for Bristol homeless

September 2, 2019

A new contactless donation system to raise money for people who are homeless or at risk of
homelessness has launched in Bristol and is being supported by Urban Creation.

‘TAP for Bristol,’ is a network of contactless donation points in shop windows and on hand-held
devices where people can tap their contactless credit or debit card to donate £3.

Urban Creation will be hosting a TAP Point in the window of its building at 76 Park Street.

A single ‘TAP for Bristol’ donates £3 – around the price of a cup of coffee – and supports
someone attending a job interview. Two TAPS help fund a one to one session with a support
worker for a young person facing homelessness and three TAPS can fund a prevention worker
navigating someone away from crisis, or fund an emergency deposit for a room.

Jonathan Brecknell, director & owner of Urban Creation commented:

“A lot of people are cynical about giving money to people on the street, or just worried about
what it will be used for. I’m putting a TAP Point into the front of our building on Park Street
because as a business I want to help solve the problem and I know many of the people walking
past do too. This way they get to donate money quickly and directly and know that every penny
is being spent on supporting people who are homeless in Bristol and importantly, on helping to
stop people becoming homeless in the first place.”

Paul Blake is currently homeless and living in temporary accommodation. He says ‘TAP for
Bristol’ will be an important way to support homeless people in the city,

“This is a quick and easy way to help and importantly it can help people before they’re on the
streets as well. I think these are one of the best things that’s been done in Bristol – because
people will be able to walk past these and actually see what they can do to help people.” 

TAP for Bristol’ is being delivered by Bristol City Centre Business Improvement District (BID) in
partnership with Caring in Bristol and Quarter Community Foundation.

For more information visit www.tapforbristol.org